PE300BFA Cermax® Xenon Lamp


The PE300BFA is a 1”reflector, 300 watt lamp with a parabolic reflector. It features high-intensity illumination – 5000 Lumens, with a power range of 180-320 Watts. It has a broad spectral range with 5900° Kelvin color temperature and a lamp lifetime of 1,000 hours.


The Excelitas Cermax® Xenon lamp is the premier endoscopy and surgical headlamp for all major OEM’s. Cermax® Xenon lamps are the product of choice for market leading medical equipment such as Integra Luxtec, Welch-Allyn, Olympus, ConMed Linvatec, and Smith & Nephew. The PE300BFA is a 1” reflector, 300-watt lamp with a parabolic reflector.

Key Features

  • High-intensity illumination—5000 Lumens
  • Power range of 180-320 Watts
  • 1000 hours life
  • Broad spectral range with 5900° Kelvin color temperature
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Medical and industrial fiber optic illuminators

Operational Specifications

Description Nominal Range
Power 300 Watts 180-320 Watts
Current 21 amps (DC) 10-22 amps (DC)
Operating Voltage 14 volts (DC) 13-16 volts (DC)
Ignition Voltage 23-35 kilovolts (system dependent)
Temperature 150⁰ C (Maximum)
Lifetime* 1000 hours typical

*End of life is defined as 50% of initial output


Initial Output at Nominal Power

F= UV Filtered Output
Description PE300BFA
Peak Intensity 515×103 Candelas
Radiant Output* 50 Watts
UV Output* 2.6 Watts
IR Output* 28.8 Watts
Visible Output* 5000 Lumens
Color Temperature 5900⁰ Kelvin
Peak Instabilities 4%
Beam Geometry** 5⁰/6⁰/7⁰

*These vwww.asalues indicate total output in all Wavelengths = UV<390 nm, IR>770 nm, Visible: 390 nm-770 nm

** Beam Geometry defined as the half angle at 10% PTS after 0/100/1000 hours


PE300BFA Physical Specifications

Description Specification
Weight 132 grams
Window Diameter 1.0 inch (25.4 mm)
Country of Origin United States of America


Focused Output with f/1.0 Lens

Description Visible Output Total Output*
3 mm aperture 1410 Lumens 14 Watts
6 mm aperture 3130 Lumens 29 Watts

*Nominal values at 300 watts after 2-hour burn-in.



  1. Lamp must not be operated with window facing upwards within 45° of
  2. Seal temperature must not exceed 150°
  3. Current/power regulated power supplies and Excelitas lamp housing units are
  4. Lamp must be operated within recommended current and power range. Over powering may lead to arc instability, hard starting and premature
  5. Hot mirror assembly is available for IR
  6. Cermax® Xenon lamps are much safer lamps to use than their quartz xenon arc lamp, however, caution must be practiced when operating lamps because they are under high pressure, require high voltage, reach temperatures up to 200° C, and their IR and UV radiation can cause skin burns and eye damage. Please read the Hazard Sheet included with each lamp shipment.