History of Atlas

AtlasElectricSuppliesLOGO1In 1951, shortly before being drafted for service in the Korean Conflict, the founder of Atlas Electric Supplies began selling wholesale electrical supplies to electrical contractors in South Florida. The success he found eventually led him to open a warehouse in Miami and so it began!

From those humble beginnings, through the sixties and seventies, branches throughout the Southeastern United states were established to serve the construction, commercial and industrial markets.

During the early and mid-eighties, the company began to move into the specialized lighting markets and Atlas Specialty Lighting was introduced. Lighting application, design and distribution have become the main focus of the company since that time.

Whether your need is the more traditional fluorescent or incandescent all the way to the mercury and xenon short arc lamp, we are here to help. All types of associated equipment to allow the use of these sophisticated light sources are available.